Monday, May 31, 2010

American Ginseng

Possibly one of the most well known Chinese herbs Ren Shen comes in several varieties depending on where it is grown. As a rule herbs grown in a particular climate or region have health benefits for people in that region and are usually used to treat conditions prevalent in that area.

In general ginseng strengthens the immune system, fortifies the body's resistance to stress and promotes homeostasis. Many studies have been done on Ginseng to determine which properties contribute to it's multitude of health benefits. American Ginseng has shown promise for treating both non-insulin dependant diabetes and type two diabetes, preventing upper respiratory infections and colorectal cancer. It's anti-cancer properties have been shown to aid in treatment of pancreatic, liver, breast, stomach and pharynx cancers.

Now even mainstream pharmaceutical companies are producing cold and flu remedies that are based on ginseng extracts, ever heard of Cold FX? Instead of manufactured pills why not try a natural, local product? BC grown American Ginseng in tea, wine tonic and honey form are all available at Meridian Flow Acupuncture. American ginseng has a cooler nature than other types making it more appropriate for the average North American prone to heat conditions due to diet and lifestyle.

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